My finger hurts so much :(

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What happened to Vanessa? Is it something current or in the past your referring to?

Nudes are leaked of her, again :( it was yesterday i believe.

I have so many pics on my ipad but the most are from vanessa :) She is my favorite :)

What really gets to me, is when JLaws nudes were leaked people were up in arms and ranting about her privacy and how horrid this was, and it is horrid, so they were right. But when Vanessa Hudgens nudes are leaked, regardless of whether it’s the second time or not — people are saying she never learns and posting that asshole Dane Cooks shit again. Her privacy was taken from her once again, the first time was when she was a minor and now it’s just as bad. Who cares if it happened her before because if there’s one thing that we can tell from the leaked nudes thing is that so many fucking people take nudes of themselves. She shouldn’t have to stop because someone might HACK into her private things and steal them

It’s not okay for anyone’s privacy to be violated. 

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I heard this about vanessa´s nudes. Poor Vanessa, i´m so sorry for her. I hope she is okay.


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